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My online tag is XiongMao-kun. On irchighway, I can be found as either that tag, or Ecchi. I'm an editor/QCer from bwys, but I don't have time to edit any more (school), so I've reverted to doing QCs. I cannot devote untold hours to a project, but I can contribute relatively regularly.

I was reading Area no Kishi, and I hit the latest release and was beside myself with frustration that there weren't more chapters. In my opinion, I have no right to complain unless I'm contributing, so here I am.

I've done a good amount of QCs with bwys, but I've noticed that I am a bit aggressive when it comes to corrections. I'm also a bit blind when it comes to visual errors, but I'm good at catching text balance and typesetting errors.

I will take any test you wish to throw at me (aside from correcting an essay, which actually happened to me once). You can contact me either on IRC or over my email at darthius[dot]pandaren[at]gmail[dot]com.



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Re: QCer

Post by mathi36 on Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:13 am

cool, good luck on passing the tests!
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