Cleaning test

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Cleaning test

Post by mathi36 on Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:15 pm

Yo, I finally created the test.

OK, for all applicants and other guys trying to show their skills....HERE YOU GO!!

Here're the pages to clean:

As for the format, create a new topic titled like this: Cleaning test by YOUR_NAME

Important things
Page height: 1100 px,
Save as PNG 8 file!
Maybe you'll have to rotate the page!

Some advices
duplicate the original layer,
Level and Curve the pages,
use the burn and dodge tool to darken or lighten some areas,
for some areas use the pen tool,
as for the redrawing: be patient and don't get frustrated!!

You want to do cleaning and typsetting?! Just take a look at the typsett test too:

Thanks for your effort.
Have fun and good luck!

Oh yeah, and DON'T REDRAW THE SFX ON THAT PAGE tongue.gif
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