Typesetting test

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Typesetting test

Post by mathi36 on Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:27 pm

For those of you wanting to typesett: Welcome, give it your best and have fun!
For the other ones: You don't intend to take the test? Shame on you! But nevertheless, have fun too laugh.gif

As for the format, create a new topic titled like this: Typesetting test by YOUR_NAME

Lyre chose these two pages:


And here're the RAWS (take a look at the real Japanese dialogue):

As for some guidelines
for normal dialogue, use "WILD WORDS",
for strong dialogue, use "YIKES",
for comments and stuff use "AUGIE"

If you don't know about typesetting or using different fonts and the different settings you have to use, take a look at this tutorial:

You want to do both, cleaning and typesetting?
Take a look at the cleaning test: http://chibisuke.darkbb.com/staff-applications-f4/cleaning-test-t38.htm
And, if you want to do sth more, you can clean the One Piece page and typesett it right here.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!
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