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Story ~ !

Post by ahhao1993 on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:37 am

Somewhere far away there are people listening carefully
Everywhere there are people looking up at the sky
Underneath the night sky, we who are whistling
Without words, are just tracing the constellations with our fingers
And maybe, just maybe, we are tracing the same constellations....

this is really just an ordinary story as an ordinary guy..... read on... : )

Chapter 1 : The Fallen Sign

''Okay Ma ,I will be at the stall before 8 to help out , ya i won't be late la ! '' Kris said into the phone
'' Make sure ah son, you know I can't handle the crowd when it's peak hour. ''

Kris , a 16 year old teenager,looked up at the bright blue sky and reminded himself that reality simply sucks .

Holding up his towel, he proceeded to the bathroom to have a shower and to hide from the world, as he always did on tuesday morning, in which he often was the only one there, with the Saren, the lifeguard for company.

''Hey Kris, don't enter the wrong bathroom kay ! '' Saren called after him.

As he strided into the room, he found himself staring straight ahead at a half naked guy who was throwing his clothes into his bag. Upon seeing chris, he ran into the cubicle .

Kris was surprised as it was the first time he saw someone besides him swimming so early.

He took no notice and went on to have his shower .

After he was done and was about to go home, he noticed that the guy was still bathing.... he went out and found a fallen sign beside the bathroom's door

He picked it up and was horrified to notice that the sign read : Due to construction, Gents converted to Ladies temporary . Sorry for any inconvenience caused . ''

About a second later, Kris decided to wait outside the Ladies' door and apologise when she walks out.

And the waiting begins.....

''Hey Kris ! What are you standing there like a tree for ? '' Saren called out.

''Crap, i didn't notice the fallen sign when i was going in to bathe , then i saw a half-naked guy who was actually a girl . Now I'm waiting for her to come out to apologise to her '' Kris replied

''Oh , you mean THAT girl , You know, she always seems to come at the same time as you, yet its amazing why you two never seem to meet one another until today ....

Dude ! It's your chance, she's pretty! '' Saren joked

''Ah shut up dumbbloke . You are distracting me, i don't wanna miss her '' Kris whispered fiercely.


'' Okay. She's coming. Good luck Bro . '' and Saren sped off in the direction of the pool .

As Kris stood alone there, he wondered what would be the reaction of that girl when she saw him standing beside the door .

Millions of scenario were just flashing through his mind and only stopped when she stood in front of him.

She was expressionless.

''Er.....'' Kris began .

He stopped, it was only then Kris had a real good look at the girl and he realised that she looked real cute.

All of a sudden ,she turned and ran away .

He realised she dropped a torn piece of paper as she was running away .

As he picked up the paper, he read the words haphazardly scrawled on the piece of paper ....

'' John , I am going to kill myself...


Without thinking, Kris threw the paper aside and chased after this girl who called herself Christina.....

Training wheels required.
Training wheels required.

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