Information on Scanlating (if you're relatively new to the community and don't really know what scanlation involves)

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Information on Scanlating (if you're relatively new to the community and don't really know what scanlation involves)

Post by justam on Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:30 pm

Welcome there!

So, you're somewhat new to the exciting world of scanlation, and you want to help out (hopefully your interests and good will are directed towards our group), BUT you're not quite sure how exactly you can help. You can see a bunch of tests in this Staff Applications board, but you have no idea what they're for! Allow me to break down the entire process, and if you think you're suited to one particular position, then please apply for it. Don't worry if it appears hard or if you've had no prior experience, we're willing to teach and guide you until you make it in.

First up, we have Translators. I suppose this position's fairly self-explanatory, but just for those of you who really don't know, they translate our RAW manga from Japanese to English. We don't have a test for you guys, but we would like to know how long you've been learning Japanese...

Next in the lot are Proofreaders. These guys proofread/edit our translated scripts. It's not just the grammar and spelling mistakes they have to look out for though, they have to make the script flow too. By that, I mean sentences can be grammatically correct, but if the tone's not right, then they will either sound too stiff or lame, and the mood/emotions won't be properly conveyed. Check the Proofreading application thread for application details.

Cleaners. No, they're not janitors. They clean up the mess of pages that are our RAWS. Image editing programs are used to tidy up our pages, and most of us use Photoshop CS1/2/3. If you need a... um.... source for PS, PM me. I'll fill you in.

Anyway, all the Japanese text is removed (except the SFX), the pages leveled, gutters (if there are any) removed, dust cleaned off and any areas which were left white after the above steps are redrawn (yes, we mean literally REDRAWN). This is, frankly, the hardest job of them all, but don't be afraid to apply. We're here to help. More info can be found in the cleaning application thread.

Typesetters. Monkeys don't quite cut it... firstly we don't have an infinite amount of chimps and an infinite number of keyboards, and even if we did, we'd end up with Shakespeare's Hamlet. Again, these guys use image editing programs to insert the proofread script into the speech bubbles/wherever the text is meant to be. Don't be put off by the fact that you still need to use an image editing program - this is easy copy and paste. Having said that though, some skill is still required: e.g. keeping the text inside the bubbles (I've seen them overlapping the borders before... please use common sense), being able to shape the text so it's pleasant to read and... uh.... lol just check the typesetting section for more info.

QCers. Mistakes. Everyone makes them, so these perfectionists essentially come along to point out their team members' mistakes, while also lowering their confidence and self-value at the same time. XD Just kidding. These guys need to be able to pick up errors in the final copies of the releases. You need to have an English background (to check the script for any mistakes) and knowledge in cleaning and typesetting (so you know what mistakes to look out for). If you know how to edit out the mistakes in an image editing program, that would also be a handy skill... it'll save our other staff from having to go back to correct it themselves. Having said that, this last skill is not a necessity... it's something that would be nice, that's all. As of currently, we don't have a test for this position, so PM me or mathi36 for more info.

Now that you know what scanlating involves, JOIN JOIN JOIN! We look forward to seeing you on our team!


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